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Shark Tank Update


May 16, 2016 , Leave your thoughts

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 5.20.02 PM 1Last week Shark Tank aired an episode featuring an update on PhoneSoap. Everyone got a little look at our operation, and how things run at headquarters. It’s a small company, run by a small group of dedicated employees, but that does not mean we haven’t grown plenty in the last year!

We have moved 100,000 units since Shark Tank first aired, and we owe a large part of that success to Shark Tank and Lori Greiner directly. Her business expertise and foresight gave us the monetary push to achieve higher goals than ever before. With a line of new products ready to be released thus summer, we are hoping to have another banner year. A year where our business is successful, and our customers lead healthier lives. That’s what we want!

The recap was nice for us too. We are happy showing everyone our operation, and how hard we work to keep up with the demand that has started. A demand means that you all want PhoneSoap, and none of this would be happening if it weren’t for your support! Thanks!

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