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Five Autumn and Winter Illnesses


September 26, 2017 , , Leave your thoughts

It’s my favorite time of the year! The air is crisp, football is back in season, the colors on the trees are changing and everyone is dressed all cozy! The bad thing about this time of the year is all the sickness that the weather brings!  There is a wonderful article here about five of the most common illnesses that occur more during the winter months. From the flu to the common cold and norovirus, all of the big ones are covered in broad strokes. Sometimes, when you are just trying to get a grip on how to NOT get sick, broad strokes are the best way to go.

We just want you to be healthy, can’t you see that? We care about all our PhoneSoap users, and even the non-users–you all deserve to be healthy! Anyway, have a nice day, and don’t wait too long to start prepping your germ-fortress (your home) for winter!

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