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Germs on a Summer’s Day


June 1, 2016 , , , Leave your thoughts

cellphoneImagine, you’re enjoying a day at the park, maybe even at a potluck with some friends. Flu season is over, and you’re done worrying about catching those germs. Well let’s go through this day and see how many germs you and your phone might come in contact with.

Someone brought their dog, and you love dogs! You and the pooch play fetch with a tennis ball for a few minutes before you get a text. It’s your cool married friends, and they’re bring their cool, rambunctious kids. You text back saying you’ll meet them at the park’s playground. You play in the sand with their daughter, and hold her hand as you walk her over to the slide. Her parents ask you to get some cute pictures, so you get out your phone and snap a few. And then… you used the public restroom and texted the whole time. Why would you do that? I don’t know either, but you did.

The point of all this is to say: warm weather brings more activity, and your hands and phone are going to come in contact with crud (bacteria). Dog slobber, sand, a kid’s hand, any surface in a public restroom, and constantly checking your phone throughout all of it. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m definitely going to have my PhoneSoap Charger working overtime this summer.

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