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Putting PhoneSoap to the Test


July 28, 2016 , , , , , , , , Leave your thoughts

Time and time again PhoneSoap has been tested in labs. Initially, we were the ones testing the phones for bacteria. Swabbing cell phones before and after cleanings became routine, and as the results kept coming back, showing us the phones went from filthy to clean, it only made us want to run even more tests!

Now that PhoneSoap has been on the market for a decent period of time, something really wonderful has been happening: people are running tests of their own. We could not be more pleased about this. We know that PhoneSoap works, we’ve proven it, and so if there are other people out there who just need to know for themselves, we absolutely encourage that. Even as recently as a week ago, PhoneSoap was tested again. You can watch the video below, and see the results, once again, for yourself.

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