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Spring Fever


April 28, 2016 , , , Leave your thoughts

GettyImages_164686006-1024x686Winter is rough on your health, there’s no question about that. However, spring has its dangers as well. There are still spring and summer flus, and allergies can give you more chances to sneeze all over your phone. All over it.

PhoneSoap is a year-round charger. Bacteria can still ruin your day, even if the sun is out and the flowers are blooming. Just when I think I’m safe from germs because I winter is over, I remember all the handrails, door knobs, and money that I’ve touched throughout the day. Those are the moments when I’m glad that I have PhoneSoap, not just for the times when I’m extra afraid of a specific virus. The word “germs” is a very general and broad term, but sometimes broad works. Germs are always around, no matter the time of year, and no matter how clean you try to be.

Keep your charger next to your bed, and don’t put it into winter storage with the rest of that lot! Stay germ free all year long.

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