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The CDC on This Year’s Flu


September 9, 2016 , , , Leave your thoughts

BacteriaScreenSampleFlu season is about to start rearing its ugly head, and we all begin our regular precautions. I’m sure the ways that we prepare will differ greatly–maybe you’re a vitamin C person, or someone who gets a flu shot a few weeks too late! Either way, there are certain things that we should all be doing this year in order to stay healthy, and the CDC has a great list of info here.

PhoneSoap is useful year round, but there are certain seasons when it’s a little more crucial. Flu season is the big one. bacteria are spreading onto everything, sneezes spray all the phones in a room, and we still make calls and send texts. At the very LEAST your phone is going to need the occasional blast of UV light. Your phone will thank you, and so will your clean bill of health.

There is plenty of time to be ready, so don’t wait until the last moment, when the sicknesses are already upon us! But don’t worry, it will be fine. We’ve all had the flu before.

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