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Spring is Here


April 4, 2016 , , Leave your thoughts

phone-soap-community-02_03Winter is over, so we are all a little less afraid of germs and bacteria. It might be easier to get out of the stuffy house now, but don’t remember the real reason you need PhoneSoap: because of the everyday germs our hands experience, and our faces should not.

I bring up the old point of using the bathroom and having your phone out during the whole process. One of the biggest rules of modern civilization is about washing your hands after using the bathroom. We all know that none of that stuff belongs on hands. And yet, we never think to wash our phones, even to simply not use them as we potty. Well, we all know we’re going to keep doing it, so this is just your reminder that PhoneSoap is a very necessary part of everyday life now.

Enjoy your spring and summer. You deserve it.

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