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The Subway Station & Your Phone


July 19, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Each and every day 5.5 million people in New York City pile into subway stations and each one of them brings their own germs from the food they eat, the pets they own, and the last bathroom they visited. Need we go on?

Researchers at Weill Corell Medical College faced the beast and sampled DNA in New York City’s 466 open subway stations. Fortunately, out of 15,152 different species that were found, most of them are harmless or unidentified. However, so far the scientists have identified 67 bacteria species associated with disease and infection. Let’s shed a little light on some of our favorite finds!

-Food Poisoning

-Toxic Cleanup

-Urinary-tract Infections


-Staph Infections

…and our personal favorite – Italian Cheese!

These harmful bacterias are transferred from your hands to everything that you touch, including your phone. Sanitizing your phone from Italian cheese is the first step to living a healthy and longer life.



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