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“Wax on, wax off.”


September 7, 2017 Leave your thoughts

Have you guys heard of our Touch Screen Polish? No? Well, let’s talk about it! PhoneSoap Polish is a premium, all natural, antibacterial touch screen polish specially formulated to kill bacteria and help prevent fingerprints and smudges on smart phone and tablet touch screens.


All the smudgy oils from your fingers and face get trapped in the microscopic pores of your screen. PhoneSoap Polish fills in those pores creating a silky smooth surface that wipes clean faster and easier. The layer acts as a temporary shield against bacteria, smudges, and scratches. As the layer builds up with repeated applications, the better it works!box2@2x

All Natural and Antibacterial

Did you know that honey has a shelf life of forever? That’s right, honey has all natural antibacterial properties so it never spoils! There are also a number of other natural antibacterial products which can be used to fight germs without resorting to harsh chemicals and synthetic products. PhoneSoap Polish is a special blend of naturally-occurring antibacterial waxes. (It’s a secret…we can’t tell which ones!) It’s 100% non-toxic and chemical free. So natural, you could eat it…but don’t eat it. What’s more, PhoneSoap Polish fills in the microscopic pores where germs love to grow. “Hey, bacteria! There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.”


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